About Us

Business Owner & CEO

Business Owner & CEO, Ben Peacock has a wealth on expertise & local knowledge having worked for Imrie, Astley & Associates since 2012. 

We have two Registered Surveyors on staff and can currently operate a number of supervised field teams utilising the latest in technology, including Drone Surveying equipment, Trimble Reflectorless Robotic Theodolites and Real Time GPS Systems including base and rover RTK and CORSnet Receivers. 

We use both Civilcad and Autocad drafting software, making plans readily available in both digital 3D models and PDF format.  We only use 4WD vehicles, enabling our teams to access all terrains at all times.  Our subdivision plans can now be lodged for registration electronically using the ePlan Service at the Land and Property Information NSW. We also offer Drone Surveying (UAV).  

Member of Institution of Surveyors NSW

Member of the Association of Consulting Surveyors

Member of the NSW Country Surveyors Association

Board of Surveying and Spatial Information (BOSSI)